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As I “surf the interweb”, there are many fine waffle blog entries I come across.  I thought I’d share a few . . .

Clean Eating Breakfast Waffles from The Gracious Pantry

Friday Morning Waffles from Taste Is Trump

Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles from Week of Menus

Cornstarch Waffles from Cooking Stuff

Glazed Banana Waffles from Spork or Foon

Vanilla Bean Waffles from My Baking Addiction

Blackberry Sour Cream Waffles from Coconut & Lime

Waffled French Toast from Dinner with Julie

I only wish I could do a waffle exchange with each of these bakers!


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I was just on Google, and I came across this AWESOME site called Pumpkin Passion. Not only is it a beautiful site, but they have excellent photos, news and updates on all-things-pumpkin.  You can even buy Pumpkin Passion paraphernalia.

I couldn’t find a link to contact the author of the site, but I was hoping they’d check me out and give me a little mention on their blog. After all, the guy with a blog that’s only about pumpkin waffles certainly has a pumpkin passion that needs to be shared 🙂

Check their site out. It’s very cool.

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The new recipe is going over very well. On Saturday, I got my favorite comment ever (below) in response to it. I also just found out that I got accepted to yet another “food porn” site called photograzing.com. I just need to get foodgawker.com to include me, and I’ll have pulled off the hat trick of food photography, as I already achieved the most prestigious – tastespotting.com.

“ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! I made these for a birthday brunch today (multiple batches to serve 18 people ranging in age from 4 years to 93 years) and EVERYONE – even the so-called pumpkin haters – RAVED about how good they were all afternoon! My 93-year-old, who usually eats like a bird, finished two waffles and my nephew said “if Heaven exists, these waffles are on the menu!” These are DEFINITELY WORTH THE EFFORT. I will be making these again later this week to freeze and have on hand. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us!” – Jules

I’m also excited to whip up another batch of the new recipe soon – probably tomorrow/Tuesday night. While I think it’s already phenomenal, I still might tweak a couple things here and there. Namely: bump up the cornstarch and cinnamon, bump down the baking powder and ginger, and maybe take out a half tablespoon of butter. If I do all those changes, below is the metric…

• 50g light brown sugar
• 24g cornstarch
• 156g all-purpose flour
• 7.2g baking powder
• 3.0g salt
• 3.4g cinnamon
• 3.0g ginger
• 0.5g cloves
• 0.6g freshly grated nutmeg
• 2 large eggs
• 240g whole milk
• 244g canned solid-pack pumpkin
• 50g unsalted butter, melted and warm

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So close . . . but not quite there. The new formulation is so close to what I want to achieve. The extra butter fixed the mouth-feel issue, but the added pumpkin puree that’s at the heart of the new recipe still just gives too much density. Next week I will add an extra 1/4tsp. of baking soda and will also add in an extra egg white. Then we might finally have the new recipe.

At least this latest round gave me an excuse to whip out the camera, so I have some great shots I will post in the next hour or so.

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I’m in the midst of my latest batch. An early taste makes me think the new formulation of the recipe is set. I won’t know until the waffles are fully cooled and reheated. If all goes well, I will have finally figured out a way to use more pumpkin than anyone. They will be, to quote James Lipton of Inside the Actors’ Studio, “Scrumtrulescent!”

Scrumtrulescent adj.
1. so great that any other word employed would be woefully insufficient, and would serve only to limit the sheer magnitude of the greatness intended as a descriptor.

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