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I’m nearing completion of a completely revised pumpkin waffle recipe! It will be just as pumpkiny as the current incarnation, but the internal and external textures will be vastly improved. The spices will be adjusted, and the mixing process, too, will be streamlined.

When I first wrote the recipe, now 4 years ago, I’d put a tremendous amount of work into hybridizing other recipes, refining, and improving upon their approaches. That made for an excellent waffle, but I’ve learned A LOT about baking and waffle recipe history, since then. Living on-and-off in Paris for three years, while working on http://www.parispatisseries.com/, gave me profound insights into ingredient proportions. While doing in-depth research into waffle history (and penning most of what is now on wikipedia for waffles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waffle), opened my eyes to a number of incredibly valuable waffle techniques of the last 600+ years.

Best of all, I’ve been “studying” maple syrup, importing many of the finest award-winning varieties from Vermont and New Hampshire. I can now suggest what I believe to be the perfect pumpkin waffle and maple syrup pairing.

For anyone who loves the current version of the recipe, fear not. I will keep that version easily accessible.

Stay tuned, in the coming weeks, for the new recipe!


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